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2/19/18, IEA marks historic day in global energy governance with first member country in Latin America »»
2/15/18, Executive Director meets Australian Ministers and energy community to review global energy markets »»
2/14/18, IEA commends Australia’s commitment to affordable, secure and clean energy »»
2/13/18, OMR: History repeating itself? »»
2/12/18, Broadest ever participation in IEA emergency response exercise »»
1/31/18, IEA and KAPSARC co-host workshop on decarbonisation potential of advanced CO2-EOR »»
1/25/18, Commentary: More policy attention is needed for renewable heat »»
1/23/18, Commentary: Clean and efficient heat for industry »»
1/23/18, Chile’s renewable energy potential promises multiple benefits for the country, according to latest IEA country review »»
1/22/18, IEA Governing Board re-elects Dr Fatih Birol as Executive Director »»
1/19/18, OMR: Is seventy plenty? »»
1/16/18, IEA presents global energy market outlook before United States Senate »»
1/10/18, Commentary: The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand »»
12/21/17, Commentary: Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality »»
12/19/17, Commentary: Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia »»