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1/16/18, IEA presents global energy market outlook before United States Senate »»
1/10/18, Commentary: The clean energy transition requires action on electricity demand »»
12/21/17, Commentary: Heating Chinese cities while enhancing air quality »»
12/19/17, Commentary: Bringing electricity to all corners of Southeast Asia »»
12/18/17, Executive Director Dr Fatih Birol recognized as Energy Personality of the Year »»
12/18/17, Coal demand to remain flat to 2022, resulting in a decade of stagnation »»
12/15/17, IEA hosts joint data meeting with experts from IPCC »»
12/15/17, Commentary: Changing utility business models and electricity investment in Europe »»
12/14/17, OMR: Happy New Year? »»
12/12/17, Executive Director meets with President of Mexico »»
12/11/17, Commentary: Unlocking energy savings from buildings »»
12/8/17, Executive Director meets with China’s Vice Premier Zhang Gaoli »»
11/29/17, Energy statistics training in Mexico City »»
11/27/17, Energy Efficiency Training Week for Latin America begins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil »»
11/27/17, COP23: An important step towards Paris Agreement implementation »»