Completed Annexes

The core of the IETS activities is carried out in so called Annexes. The Annexes described below are completed. Information about on-going Annexes can be found here.




Start date 2010-01-01

End date 2014-04-30

Application of Industrial Heat Pumps

The objective of this Annex has been to reduce energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases through greater use of heat pumps in industry. The Annex started on 01 April 2010 and expired on 30 April 2014 with 15 participating organisations from Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany (Operating Agent) Japan, The Netherlands, South Korea and Sweden. Read more »

Start date: 2010-01-01



Start date 2008-05-01

End date 2011-12-31

Energy Efficient Drying and Dewatering Technologies

Separation processes such as distillation, evaporation and drying, are used in the production of all kind of different products and the energy use in this sector constitutes a major part of the total industrial energy use. The activity in Annex X has focused on knowledge transfer and deployment of information between the members of the IETS countries. Read more »

Start date: 2008-05-01