Digitalization for an Energy Efficient and Resilient Industry: Strategic Approaches

Start date 2023-04-25 00:00

End date 2023-04-26 00:00

Save-the-Date: 25-26 April for the Launch of a New IEA Working Group

For more information about or to attend this event, contact Subtask Manager Paul Stuart

Is the long-term competitive position of your company being compromised because of the energy crisis and a lack of human capital? Is net zero and autonomous manufacturing an objective for your company, but the near- and longer-term pathways to get there are not obvious? You know digitalization is the key to addressing these ambitious objectives, but you need more time to identify the “right” long-term vision for your company…

Following an earlier webinar and interesting exchange with industry professionals (click on the link below for excerpts), IETS Task XVIII is launching a new Working Group entitled “Digitalization for an Energy Efficient and Resilient Industry: Strategic Approaches”, which will bring together a dedicated network of industry and other practitioners to explore these questions. Come and share ideas. No seminars – simply a regular exchange between professionals. What is the role of digitalization in your company in support of GHG emissions reduction? How does your near-term strategy dovetail into longer term value?

For the launch of this new Working Group we plan to assemble industry, solutions providers and applied researchers and hold a 2-day face-to-face meeting over 25-26 April to be hosted by the Tata Steel Nederland Business Unit in Ijmuiden. Join us for the launch: (1) engage with a new group of interested professionals working in digitalization strategies in industry, (2) understanding better the dilemma/challenges related to the planning of digitalization strategies, and candidate solutions, and in this first meeting (3) help create the list of discussion topics for future meetings. We are thrilled that ourr plenary presentation for the meeting will be by Ken Somers of McKinsey & Company, entitled “Digital support for industrial decarbonisation”. And if that isn’t enough, our host Tom van der Velde is organizing site walking tour to see the Tata Steel works in operation.

You are one of a small group of dedicated professionals to be invited to participate in this initiative. If you would like to consider joining us for this 2-day launch over 25-26 April, please return this email indicating your interest. We’ll send you more information about the Working Group, as well as the detailed agenda for the meeting – inviting you to register.

In Case You are Not Familiar with IETS and Task XVIII on Digitalization

Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems (IETS: is an IEA Technology Collaboration Program (TCP). The Mission of IETS is to foster international co-operation among OECD and non-OECD countries for accelerated research and technology development of industrial energy-related technologies and systems.

Task XVIII on digitalization is part of IETS, and seeks to advance knowledge and development of digitalization, artificial intelligence and related technologies to improve the economic and environmental performance of targeted energy and GHG-intensive industries. The initiative assembles a network of stakeholders to cooperate on the availability, quality and use of data (quality, quantity, location, operational, energy, etc.), to align capacity, and to inform decision-making relevant to the targeted sectors.

IETS is hosting a unique conference entitled “Energy Future in Industry” over 9-11 May 2023 in Göteborg Sweden, where representatives from industry, academia and government will come together to discuss measures, opportunities and obstacles for achieving a future energy-efficient industry with zero or negative emissions. The aim of the conference is to give an overview of opportunities for major industrial technologies and systems for radical GHG mitigation in industry in the process industries.

Our Hosts for the Meeting – Tata Steel Nederland Business Unit in Ijmuiden

Tata Steel Nederland is one of Europe’s largest steel manufacturers, supplying high-quality steel products to demanding markets around the world including construction, automotive, packaging and manufacturing of lifting, mining and earthmoving equipment. Research and Development is key for Tata Steel. In collaboration with customers, we develop new steel products to differentiate them in their markets. They use advanced digital technologies for the continuous improvement of our products and processes. Tata Steel Nederland consists of the Business Unit Tata Steel IJmuiden and the Business Unit Tata Steel Downstream Europe. It has facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and other parts of Europe, and is part of the Indian Tata Steel.

The Ijmuiden Business Unit includes a continuous production process: from the arrival and processing of raw materials to the production of liquid pig iron and steel, through to rolling and subsequently pickling and coating with, zinc, tin and other alloys. We primarily produce high-quality and coated steel in coil form for our customers in various markets. Our location situated on the North Sea coast offers several advantages in terms of logistics, but also in supporting our ambition to produce green steel in a clean environment.