Webinar about new Annex XVIII on Digitalization

Start date 2018-12-11 14:30

End date 2018-12-11 16:30

This event has already ocurred. Information about the outcome of the webinar along with the possibility to view a recording of the meeting is available at the Annex XVIII page.

We are organizing an information session (webinar) about the “Annex XVIII on Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry” on Tuesday 11 December, 14h30-16h30 Central European Time (CET) = 8h30-10h30 Eastern Standard Time (EST). If you are potentially interested in participating, or simply interested in learning more about this initiative, please consider joining the webinar.

Send an email to Task 1 Manager Paul Stewart by Friday 7 December should you wish to attend and you will get a GoToMeeting invitation.

About the Annex:

We are establishing a new IETS Annex in Digitalization, and hope you may be interested to participate from the outset – and help to shape its direction. We would like to focus on Digitalization in large emitter industries – and emphasize the potential for Digitization to result in energy use reduction and GHG emissions reduction, in a broad sense up to and including optimization at the value chain level.  If you seek to define how Digitalization may be pertinent for your organization, want to learn about different applications of Digitization, understand strategies for implementation of Digitalization technologies…  then we hope that you will consider participating in this Annex. In an initial 1-year Task, we will seek to identify interested participants, and characterize the interests of participants in an open-ended way, in order to define more targeted Tasks to follow afterwards.

In practice, the value of participation in IETS is through exchanges during regular meetings (typically 3x per year for a given Task), held face-to-face and via webinar. Projects are presented and discussed in detail, and the aggregate results are synthesized in a final report.

The Industrial Energy-related Technologies and Systems (IETS) is one of IEA’s over 40 Technology Collaboration Programs (TCP). The IETS program focuses on energy use in a broad range of industry sectors, uniting IEA activities in this area. The specific objective of IETS is to allow OECD Member countries and OECD non-Member countries to work together to foster international co-operation for accelerated research and technology development of industrial energy-related technologies and systems, with a main focus on end-use technologies. Through its activities, the program increases the awareness of technology and energy efficiency in industry, contributes to synergy between different systems and technologies, and enhances international cooperation related to sustainable development.