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At our conference Energy Future in Indsutry, respresentatives from  the industry, academy and policy makers will meet to discuss measures, opportunities and obstacles for achieving a future energy-efficient industry with zero or negative emissions. Read more »

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IETS Annual Report 2022

The 2022 Annual Report from IETS TCP is now available for download. The Annual report summarizes the work and progress in the IETS Annexes respectively, and includes information about special events, future plans and other highlights. Read more »

Topic Sheet: Knowledge Sharing on Industry Transition Roadmaps

The aim of the first year of activity of Task XX “Knowledge sharing on industry transition roadmaps” was to capture an overview and to analyse industry roadmaps methodologies employed in different TCP member countries considering the national industry context. To that end, a series of bilateral interviews with national industry experts has been conducted throughout the year. Read more »

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