A new Legal Text has been adopted

A new Legal Text has been adopted by the IETS ExCo and will be implemented in terminology, procedures, documents etc. during 2021. The most visible change will be to the project structure: Annexes will from now on be called Tasks to conform with the rest of the TCPs. Read more »

EUWP Industry workshop – a matchmaking event

On December 9-10, the IETS TCP gathered about 70 people from 20 countries to discuss possible collaboration activities. During the first half-day session, ongoing Swedish projects and activities in the IETS working areas were presented. During the second, representatives for… Read more »

Two new Topic Sheets available

We regularly publish “Topic Sheets”, i.e. 2-4 page documents – based on e.g. a report from workshop or part of an Annex – presenting a specific subject in a concise way. Read more »

Where is industrial electrification at?

In collaboration with Delft University of Technology's e-Refinery institute the IETS TCP is organizing a webinar, aiming at identifying key activities and hotspots in industrial electrification for the new Annex XIX - Electrification in Industry. Read more »