The core of the IETS activities is carried out in so called Tasks (previously called Annexes). Each Task has a defined work program and its own Task Manager (previously called Annex Manager). Interest in involvement and participation in the activtities within the Task should be expressed to the Task Managers directly. Please find contact details in the articles presenting each Task. More information about the formal steps to participate can be found in the About section of the website.

New Tasks can be proposed to the IETS Executive Committee (ExCo). Contact the IETS secretariat or ExCo chair for more detailed instructions.



Start date 2021-01-01

End date 2022-05-31

Decarbonizing industrial systems in a circular economy framework

This Task aims to investigate the topic of circular carbon from an industry perspective, i.e. to describe industrial energy systems in the context of a sustainable, fossil-free economy, striving to meet the targets of both concepts, the circular economy and a sustainable energy system. Read more »

Start date: 2021-01-01



Start date 2021-01-01

End date 2022-12-31

Knowledge sharing on Industry Transition Roadmaps

The aim of this Task is to share best roadmap practices that contribute to provide an in-depth understanding of the optimal emission reduction pathways as well as key challenges and opportunities. This work will be undertaken through the review and analysis of key roadmap criterias as well as past and existing national experiences on the development of industry strategies. Read more »

Start date: 2021-01-01



Start date 2019-01-01

End date 2022-10-31

Electrification in Industry

The objective of Subtask 2 is to build and strengthen the international ecosystem of industrial electrification with a focus on system impacts. It will facilitate exchange of knowledge and lessons learned, increase awareness and international collaboration. It also entails taking stock of technologies for electrification of industry, sharing and aligning insight and methodologies, identify best practices, broaden awareness by facilitating sharing. Read more »

Start date: 2019-01-01



Start date 2008-05-01

End date 2025-01-31

Industry-based biorefineries towards sustainability

Annex XI has a multi-disciplinary approach to the concept of biorefineries integrated in industrial complexes, aiming at the optimization of energy efficiency in global terms. The approach is based on industry needs and application, combining the knowledge of industrial technologies with energy efficiency and biomass conversion processes. Different industrial sectors are considered, including the integration of bio with oil refineries, together with CCS options yielding hydrocarbons/hydrogen, looking into technology and systems aspects for a better use of energy. Read more »

Start date: 2008-05-01