About the IETS TCP

Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems
is an IEA Technology Collaboration Programme

The IETS program focuses on energy use in a broad range of industry sectors, uniting IEA activities in this area.

Industry offers a significant savings potential at low or even negative cost. The work included in IETS ranges from specific developments of process or energy technologies to overall system aspects, in which energy efficiency is an important part, for practically all types of industry types.

The Mission of IETS is to foster international co-operation among OECD and non-OECD countries for accelerated research and technology development of industrial energy-related technologies and systems.


The IETS program was established in 2005 as a result of a merger, revamping and extension of activities formerly carried out by separate individual programs. The former programs for Pulp & Paper and for Process Integration are now parts of the IETS. The new program is still under development, with several new activities starting up.

The objective of IETS is to allow OECD Member countries and OECD non-Member countries to work together to foster international co-operation for accelerated research and technology development of industrial energy-related technologies and systems with main focus on end-use technologies, also taking into account other relevant IEA activities.


Through its activities, IETS will increase awareness of technology and energy efficiency in industry, contribute to synergy between different systems and technologies,and enhance international cooperation related to sustainable development.

The Participants will implement a wide range of co-operative activities in the fields of

  • Scientific research,
  • Technology and systems research and development,
  • Demonstration and deployment,
  • Technology and systems foresighting,
  • Technology and systems assessment of policies and consequences, and
  • Dissemination of information.

The work is organised in Tasks.