News from the EUBCE conference

On Monday 27th May in Lisbon, Portugal, the EUBCE 2019, 27th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, opened its door to a record edition with 1,600 delegates from almost 80 countries and 43 exhibitors.

The EUBCE has long become a world leading event for the biomass and bioenergy sectors based on a global forum for exchanging knowledge, debating policy options and addressing innovation in an open forum. Against this background, the EUBCE aims to highlight the scientific achievements and the key role of the technology developers and industry across all sessions and topics of the programme.

The 1,105 contributions received come from 75 countries and are now presented in 281 keynote plenary and oral presentations.

The EUBCE Conference programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre. The theme of this edition is the role of biomass in delivering the Paris targets and sustainable development goals.

Read the pressrelease issued by the EUBCE Press Office, summarizing the opening of the conference.

IETS TCP vice Chair Clemente Pedro Nunes. Photos by ©EUBCE

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During the conference, IETS TCP vice Chair Clemente Pedro Nunes presented a paper on “The Importance of Biomass Based Power Plants in the Forrest Management in Portugal” (abstract available). He also made a presentation about the IETS TCP.