Final Report: Annex XIX, Task 1 – Electrification in Industry

Industrial electrification is increasingly been considered as an attractive pathway to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the industrial sector. This is (partly) driven by the increase penetration and expected large availability of low carbon electricity in the coming decades. Electrification of the industrial sector will, however, further blur the lines between the power and the industrial sector, demanding for a close coordination in their strategies and implementation plans. Furthermore, differences in policies, programs, and regulations between and within the sectors will affect the prospects for electrification. This report describes the work and results of Task 1 of Annex XIX Industrial Electrification. The Annex aims to provide a platform for enhancing collaboration between countries in the area of industrial electrification. The focus of the Annex is on the system aspects of industrial electrification rather than on the technologies within each specific pathway or process.

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