Final Report from Annex XV – Industrial Excess Heat Recovery

Executive Summary

Synthesis report

Project Compilation Report

This annex was originally suggested in 2008. Annex XV Task 1 was finalized in the spring 2015. From September 2016 to August 2018 Task 2 was successfully completed. Nevertheless, a number of further questions were identified which are to be tackled within the framework of this Annex – Task 3 (01.11.2019 to 31.10.2021). The Annex takes on a multi-disciplinary approach to the concept of excess heat recovery integrated in industrial complexes, aiming at the optimization of energy efficiency in global terms. The approach is based on industry needs and application, combining the knowledge of industrial technologies with energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
The findings from Task 2 lead to a number of areas which resulted in this Task 3. Thus, the present Annex XV, Task 3 enabled to broaden the scope and included some new aspects, which may not be considered separately for changed framework conditions within an industrial environment.
The included Subtasks were

  • Subtask 1: Combination of methods for excess heat identification and quantification
  • Subtask 2: Consequences for excess heat levels of future changes in industrial energy systems
  • Subtask 3: Operational aspects in industrial energy systems
  • Subtask 4: Opportunity and risk assessment for excess heat projects
  • Subtask 5: Compilation of innovative excess heat projects

The achievements and results summarized in

  • a synthesis report on findings in the projects included in the Task as well as reported in literature, divided into the five subtasks,
  • a recommendation for further work internationally,
  • one report from each participant project (one or more per country),
  • dissemination activities of each participating country.