Final Report: Task XX Knowledge Sharing on Industry Transition Roadmaps

Growing concerns about climate change and the need for deep reduction in global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have prompted the development of public industry roadmaps to explore decarbonisation plans and demonstrate commitments. They have thus gained strong interest among governments and industry leaders to the point where industry roadmaps have become an object of study on their own upon which meta-analyses are conducted. The underlying prerequisite that has been at the starting point of this work and that justifies its study is that industry roadmaps encounter common and comparable challenges, which is supported by the results from O.W. Johnson et al. (2021) [1].

The aim of the first year of activity of Task XX “Knowledge sharing on industry transition roadmaps” was to capture an overview and to analyse industry roadmaps methodologies employed in different TCP member countries considering the national industry context. To that end, a series of bilateral interviews with national industry experts has been conducted throughout the year.

Three findings stand out particularly:

  1. there is a wide range of understandings, uses and approaches of industry roadmaps,
  2. it is important to translate the roadmap into qualitative narratives to communicate the results to policy makers or civil society and
  3. the construction of the roadmap, especially when it is stakeholder-oriented, is an opportunity to embark industry players on action, hence the importance to focus on the roadmapping process.

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