Report: Survey of current projects and novel technologies in the steel industry

The CO2 intensity for primary steelmaking is high since it currently relies heavily on fossil resources, both as a heat source and as a reducing agent for the reduction of iron oxide to iron. In 2014, the iron & steel industry stood for 28% of the global industrial CO2 emissions. There are currently many ongoing projects worldwide with the objective to reduce the emissions of fossil CO2 from the iron & steel industry. Recently, the IETS Secretariat has performed a survey of current projects and upcoming technologies regarding primary steelmaking, which is now published. The projects described are divided into three categories, based on the methods for reducing CO2 emissions: Carbon capture, carbon direct avoidance, and alternative methods. Download the survey

The survey is connected to the launch of a new IETS activity, targeting the iron & steel industry. The objective is to reduce the emissions of fossil CO2 by providing a platform where information on state-of-the art technology could be shared. Companies and research groups are invited to participate in this activity. Please contact the IETS Secretariat for more information.