Topic Sheet: A review of energy efficiency policies for manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises from around the world

Topic sheet no 9, June 2020 (click link for download)

In most countries, manufacturing (industrial) small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent more than 99% of the number of companies and 60% of the employment. Thus, the sector is – apart from using energy – a major driver in the economy with regard to innovations, GDP, investments and export. Despite the importance of SMEs in the economy, they have not received much attention in most countries’ energy policy activities.

The full report (TBC) as well as information about current projects can be found here at the website, Annexes section.

This topic sheet, based on the result from Annex XVI, provides an international overview of some existing energy efficiency policies with a focus on energy management practices in selected EU member states as well as Norway and Japan.