Topic Sheet: Industrial Excess Heat Recovery – Technologies and Applications

Topic sheet no 7, July 2019 (click link for download)

There is an increasing awareness about industrial excess heat as a potential resource for contributing to an improved economy and sustainability in larger systems. Although industrial excess heat has been used and is being used to a large extent, the potential for an even wider use is considered to be substantial. It can be used

  • internally in an industry for primary energy saving
  • in another industry or other industries in an industrial cluster
  • between an industry/ industrial cluster and a district heating system
  • between an industry/industrial cluster and e.g. greenhouses or for other low-temperature purposes
  • as a heat source in refrigeration plants for industrial or district cooling

This topic sheet covers, e.g., definitions, methods, technologies and systems, as well as suggestions for further work and is based on the Final Report from Annex XV Phase 1, published at the IETS website in 2015. Phase (Task) 2 of the Annex, which was finalized in 2019, will be covered by a separate topic sheet.

The full report as well as information about current projects can be found here at the website, Annexes section