Workshop on Energy Efficiency in the Iron and Steel Industry

Start date 2022-05-18 14:00

End date 2022-05-18 17:00

In order to identify ways to restart Task XIV –  Energy Efficiency in the Iron and Steel Industry, the IETS Secretariat organizes this workshop.

During the workshop,  the curent R&D situation regarding energy efficiency in the iron and steel industry in our member countries will be presented. During the following discussion, the purpose is to identify areas where there could be an interest to cooperate. Thus, the aims of the workshop are to identify areas of common interest and identify possible collaboration activities in a new Subtask.

The workshop will be led by the former Task Manager Mikael Larsson from the metals research institute Swerim.

Preliminary program:

  • Introduction of the IETS TCP, Per-Åke Franck
  • Presentation of the IEA Iron & Steel Technology roadmap, IEA Secretariat
  • Presentation of the former Task, Per-Åke Franck
  • Research and development work in member countries, Country representatives
  • Discussion: Identify areas of common interest, All
  • Discussion: Identify possible collaboration activities, All

The workshop will be held online using the platform Teams. Participates will be the country representatives and representatives from the IETS TCP.

For more information, please contact Per-Åke Franck