Workshop: Roadmaps for Industry in IETS Member Countries

Start date 2019-05-14 09:30

End date 2019-05-14 12:30

In connection to the 28th IETS TCP ExCo meeting in Paris (May 14-15) a workshop on national roadmaps for industry was organized together with French stakeholders. Member organization ADEME – French Environment & Energy Management Agency was hosting the event at the International University campus in Paris.

Chair Thore Berntsson introducing the workshop. Photo: Heléne Johansson

In the workshop, IETS countries and Italy presented national or industrial roadmaps from their countries. Due to e. g. big differences in industrial structure between countries and differences in national material and energy sources, the approach to roadmap developments differed considerably. However, the presentations showed very clearly the high ambitions in our countries for radical GHG mitigation in the industrial sector. Some technologies were highlighted in several of the presentations, especially CCSU, electrification, biomass usage and biorefineries, as well as clustering of industries, although the views on the importance of them were different. CCSU, especially CCS, is debated in some countries as there is a question about the sustainability and risks.

Also, differences in national resources, today and possibly in the future, influence to a high extent the different roadmaps. Examples are electrification, for which possible future availability of green power is crucial, and biomass, for which the availability is very different between countries. It was also clearly stated that future policy instruments, future investment possibilities (a need for much amounts than earlier) and business models as well as future principles for LCA calculations (e. g. how biogenic emissions shall be counted) will have a high influence on future opportunities for GHG mitigation.

In the IETS ExCo meeting, following the workshop, it was decided that the IETS TCP shall continue working with national and industrial roadmaps. Details about this will be discussed in the next ExCo meeting.

All presentations are available for download below: