Annex Workshop: Membranes in Biorefineries (XVII)

Start date 2021-01-26 09:00

End date 2021-01-26 12:00

IETS Annex XVII “Membranes in Biorefineries” is planning a workshop – open for Annex members and other organizations interested in collaboration. The workshop will be a Zoom meeting. For registration and more information, please contact Annex Manager Frank Lipnizki.

Preliminary agenda:

09:00 Registration and Welcome
09:15 Overview on IETS and Activities
09:30 Update Annex XVII (LU)
09:45 Sub-Task A: Separations in biorefineries (SDU)
10:00 Sub-Task B: Integration & optimisation (ITM-CNR)
10:15 Sub-Task C: Fouling & cleaning (IST)
10:30 Break (15 minutes)
10:45 Sub-Task D: Pre-treatment – (LU/UM)
11:00 Sub-Task E: Emerging membrane processes (AEE)
11:15 Sub-Task F: Water and wastewater treatment (AAU)
11:30 Discussions and Co-operations
12:00 End