Task XXI – Interactive Workshop #3

Start date 2021-12-13 13:00

End date 2021-12-13 16:00

This is the last Task-internal hands-on workshop in the ongoing phase. Contact Task Manager Simon Moser if you are interested in this Task but have not been involved in the work.

Agenda (preliminary)


Outlook to the next phase > Two subtasks “circular carbon” and “industrial symbiosis”

Subtask E Networking > Workshop with ETSAP TCP, trans-TCP inter-Task workshop

Subtask B Modelling (Focus) > your models and methods on circular carbon

Subtask C (Focus) > Data on industrial carbon needs and emissions

Subtask A will not be on the agenda as it was extensively discussed in the other workshops.

Subtask D will be discussed in the part on the outlook on the next phase.

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