Task XXI – Interactive Workshop #3

Start date 2021-12-13 13:00

End date 2021-12-13 16:00

This is the last Task-internal hands-on workshop in the ongoing phase. Contact Task Manager Simon Moser if you are interested in this Task but have not been involved in the work.


1:00 Welcome & Focus

1:10 Updates/Information Subtasks A+C+E

1:20 Subtask B Modelling: Presentation & Discussion

1:50 Subtask C Circular Carbon Technologies and Systems:

2:20 IETS-21 Phase #2: Definition of Subtasks/Activities

3:00 (approx) End of meeting

Note: there will be two subtasks in the next phase of IETS-21, namely Circular Carbon and Industrial Symbiosis:

Preliminary activities in Subtask: Circular Carbon

  • Modelling, in cooperation with ETSAP
  • Carbon capture in industry
  • Bioenergy, in cooperation with IETS-11

Preliminary activities in Subtask: Industrial Symbiosis

  • Definition and delimitation
  • Good practice examples
  • Business Models
  • Awareness raising and incentives