The following posters were presented at the conference Energy Future in Industry (Gothenburg 9-11 May 2023). Click on the poster thumbnail to open the full size poster and the abstract.

Advanced energy-saving optimization strategy in
thermo-mechanical pulping by machine learning approach

Authors: Behnam Talebjedi, Timo Laukkanen, Henrik Holmberg and Sanna Syri
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aalto University



Reaching Net-Zero in the Chemical Industry –
A study of roadmaps for Industrial Decarbonisation

Examination Thesis by Ylva Kloo
Supervisor: Lars J. Nilsson
Co-supervisor: Ellen Palm
Department of Technology and Society, Division of Environmental and Energy System Studies, Lund University


The Impact of Lean Energy Efficiency Network
Policy Programs on the Organizational Knowledge Creation of SMEs

Authors: Noor Jalo, Patrik Thollander, Nawzad Mardan & Ida Johansson
Department of Building Engineering, Energy Systems and Sustainability Science, University of Gävle, Sweden


Flexible bioeconomy for future scenarios of biofuels

Author: Mahsa Mehrara,
Luleå University of Technology, Div. of Energy Engineering




Industrial Symbiosis Readiness Level –
A Practical Matrix-Tool for Guidance and Assessment

Authors: Lovisa Harfeldt-Berg, Elin Wallin, Annika Löwgren and Per Sommarin
Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Lund University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden


Looking beyond compressed hydrogen for Sweden:
Opportunities and barriers for liquid chemical hydrides

Authors: Kumail Marnate and Stefan Grönkvist, KTH




Learning and demonstration alliance for designing and
manufacturing sustainable industrial packaging
from alternative lignocellulosic biomass – LEAP

Authors: Jawad Elomari, SINTEF, Norway
Gregor Čepon, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Slovenia, David Ravnjak, Pulp and Paper Institute, Slovenia and Aleš Mihelič, Gorenje group, Slovenia


Demonstrating sustainable value creation from industrial CO2
by its thermophilic microbial conversion into acetone – PyroCO2

Author: Jawad Elomari, SINTEF, Norway





Lost in the scenarios of negative emissions:
what can be expected of bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS)?

Authors: Adrina Lefvert and Stefan Grönkvist, KTH



A Glance on the Transition to Circular Bioeconomy:
Promoting S&T Cooperation and Training for Bio-based Industries

 Authors: João Luis de Miranda, Maria Cristina Fernandes, Henrique Matos and Clemente Pedro Nunes
ESTG, Instituto Politécnico de Portalegre, Department of Chemical Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico and CERENA-Centro de Recursos Naturais e Ambiente, Instituto Superior Técnico