Topic Sheet: Enabling a Shared View on System Aspects of Industrial Electrification

Topic Sheet no 20, June 2024 – based on the Final Report from Subtask 2 of Task XIX – Electrification in Industry.  Click for download 

Task XIX – Subtask 2 examined a multidisciplinary approach towards the electrification of industry. The objective was to establish and fortify an international framework dedicated to industrial electrification, emphasizing the systemic aspects. Task XIX promoted the exchange of knowledge and experiences, heightened awareness, and fostered international collaboration. The endeavor involved a comprehensive review of electrification technologies applicable to the industrial sector, the alignment and sharing of insights and methodologies, the identification of exemplary practices, and the enhancement of awareness through facilitated dissemination.

This Task considered both direct electrification and indirect electrification (via hydrogen) within the industrial context. Subtask 2 concentrated on three principal thematic areas related to industrial electrification: (i) the development of technology, (ii) analysis of systems and their impacts, and (iii) the infrastructure and coupling of sectors.

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