Report: Deep Decarbonization in Industry

The IETS TCP  organized an International Expert Workshop on Deep Decarbonization in Industry in Vienna, October 9-11, 2019. A limited number of international experts were invited, resulting in around 50 participants from 15 countries. The workshop dealt in a broad way with most major aspects for deep decarbonization. Presentations, discussions, conclusions and suggestions for further work have been summarized in a Final Report.

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Objectives of the Workshop

  • The main objectives of the workshop were:
  • To highlight the importance of process industry in radical GHG mitigation.
  • To point out opportunities and hurdles.
  • To identify hotspots for further RD&D.
  • To improve international collaboration between disciplines and RD&D areas.
  • To improve knowledge transfer to strategic industrial and policy decision makers.

Programme Committee and Authors of the Report

  • The Programme Committee consisted of the following experts:
  • Dr. Chris Bataille, Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (, Paris, and Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada
  • Prof. Andrea Ramirez, Delft University of technology, the Netherlands
  • Prof. Rene Hofmann, Vienna University of technology and AIT, Centre for Energy, Austria
  • Prof. Stefan Lechtenboehmer, Wuppertal Institute, Germany and Lund University, Sweden
  • Programme Manager Elvira Lutter, Climate and Energy Fund of the Austrian Federal Government
  • Dr. Philippe Navarri, CanmetENERGY, Natural Resources Canada, Canada
  • Prof. Thore Berntsson, Chalmers Institute of Technology, Chair of the IETS TCP, and chair of the Programme Committee