Topic Sheet: Digitalization for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction

Topic sheet no 6, January 2019 (click link for download)

Energy-intensive processes today can incorporate sophisticated data management systems, which capture process data across the supply chain for business decisions, as well as at the process level for quality, control and automation purposes. This dataset is possibly the foundation of an opportunity to identify new strategies for achieving radical GHG mitigation as global warming increasingly takes hold – related to increased efficiency and improved competitiveness. 

Digitalization has been identified as having the potential to change the ways industry do business, direct applications in energy-intensive industries. There is a significant opportunity for developing Big Data applications for energy use reduction and sustainability purposes.

This topic sheet is based on the Annex proposal for Annex XVIII and includes, e. g., a description  of  the technological infrastructure and enablers essential for the digital transformation of industry.