Focus on Non-technical Barriers and Drivers for Industry Transition

On February 22, 2024 the Mission Innovation Net-Zero Industries Mission (MI NZI) and the IETS TCP jointly hosted a workshop focusing on non-technical barriers and drivers in the journey toward industry decarbonisation. The workshop was well received with 70+ participants from over 15 countries.

Acknowledging that non-technical factors play a crucial role in industry decarbonisation, the workshop places a specific emphasis on these aspects. These non-technical factors can be “external”, such as power prices, policy instruments, and infrastructure, which cannot be directly controlled by industry actions. Conversely, “internal” non-technical factors are within the realm of industry influence. The workshop aimed to focus on “internal” aspects, sharing experiences and lessons learned to catalyse new tasks within the IETS TCP. Aspects discussed included new business models for commercial viability, system integration and interplay between technologies, stakeholder cooperation (industry, academia, consultants, public authorities), scaling up from pilot to full-scale, workforce development, legal aspects and time planning challenges and public acceptance.

A summary of the workshop along with copies of the presentations are available.

The workshop may be the start of a new Task. Please contact organisers

Gerwin.Drexler-Schmid, Austria:

Bernhard Gahleitner, Austria: 

Thore Berntsson, Sweden:

Image: Mission Innovation – Net-Zero Industries Mission