Holistic approaches to digitalisation of industrial processes

The Smart Industrial Concept (SIC!) aims to develop ways to optimise the use of energy in industrial plants, including energy conversion, distribution and storage, and to investigate their interaction with the basic conditions of the energy industry. Watch the video presentation:

SIC! focuses on holistic approaches to the digitalisation of industrial processes. A complex energy systems model is being scientifically developed and tested that will provide the basis for targeted implementation in all industrial production systems and energy-supplying environments.

If implemented, this concept can:

  • increase the productivity and flexibility of industrial processes
  • reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • improve integration of renewable sources of energy

More information about the project can be found at the IEA website presenting the “Today in the lab – tomorrow in energy?” initiative.

This project is part of the work in the first Subtask of Task XVIII – Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry.