Hot topic opening new opportunities for international collaboration

Concluding 2021 – Task work

The activities in Task XX (Knowledge sharing on industry transition roadmaps) officially started in May 2021 following the approval from the IETS ExCo. Since then, many guided bilateral interviews have been conducted with national industry experts. These discussions brought up some common questions (use, perimeter, stakeholder engagement, target audience …) regarding roadmapping and different ways of dealing with it. The results from these interviews and the review of literature has proved to be sufficiently relevant to be analysed and shared for discussion with participants during an upcoming workshop planned for April 2022.

Three questions to Task Manager Elliot Mari from Ademe, France:

What has been the most rewarding this year?

“Meeting with individuals from a range of nationalities and areas of expertise sparked some fruitful discussions, which hopefully gave fuel for though for the participants in their work regarding industry decarbonisation as much as it did for ADEME. It also demonstrated that industry roadmapping and decarbonisation is increasingly becoming a hot topic thereby opening new opportunities for further international collaboration.”

What has been the biggest challenge?

“Since roadmapping can seem rather straightforward for many, the biggest challenge with this Task has probably been (and still is to a certain extent) to convince people that they are actually things to be discussed, shared and questioned regarding methodologies. In addition, a new working format had to be imagined to efficiently capture and distribute all the important qualitative information.”

What do you look forward to the most for 2022? 

“Along with my colleague Elsa Chony, who has kindly joined in the coordination of Task XX and as an engineer working on long-term industry decarbonisation, we hope that the seemingly recent impetus on industry decarbonisation will materialise into concrete investment decisions and strong commitments next year. As for Task XX, we expect that the participating group will grow larger and I very much look forward to possible areas of collaboration with other Tasks, TCPs or with the Leadit initiative.”