Where is industrial electrification at?

In collaboration with Delft University of Technology’s e-Refinery institute the IETS TCP is organizing a webinar, aiming at identifying key activities and hotspots in industrial electrification for the new Annex XIX – Electrification in Industry.

Electrification is an attractive decarbonization pathway for most sectors (industry, buildings, transport) and in fact, most long-term forecasts of final energy demand show a significant increase in electricity across scenarios and sectors. As the number of projects and programs increases across countries, the need for a common platform that allows coordinating efforts, exchange knowledge and lessons, and exploit potential synergies, has motivated the addition of a new Annex to the IETS TCP.

The new annex focuses on the system aspects of industrial electrification (e.g., system economics, sector coupling and impacts, GHG emissions) rather than on specific technologies or processes. It aims to foster the creation of “critical mass” in the area of industrial electrification by for instance, increasing communication between parties, providing opportunities for identifying common problems, undertaking complementary approaches on joint projects, developing, sharing and validating common working methods or developing joint databases, etc. As part of of the first task of the Annex, we have mapped current activities and hotspots in industrial electrification.

The upcoming webinar  will give the opportunity to:

  • Get an overview of key activities carried out by IETS countries on Industrial electrification
  • Understand what are the current trends on industrial electrification in research
  • Have a snapshot of country status on electrification of the industrial sector (The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, Sweden)
  • Help us to identify the need for future activities

Event info:
January 13, 2020
14.00 CET (Duration: 2 hours)

Speakers from:
Chalmers University, Sweden (TBA)
Energieinstitut an der JKU Linz, Austria
TUDelft, The Netherlands
Canada (TBA)

Information and registration:

Please contact the Dutch IETS delegate Joop Bormans for more information about the Annex and the upcoming webinar.

Use this link for registration