Workshop to restart the Iron & Steel Task

On 18 May, experts from IETS member countries gathered for an online workshop, discussion a possible restart of Task XIV – Energy Efficiency in the in the Iron and Steel Industry. The aims of the workshop were to identify areas of common interest and possible collaboration activities in this area.

During the workshop the current R&D situation concerning energy efficiency in the iron and steel industry in the IETS member countries was presented, as well as the Iron and Steel Technology Roadmap published by the International Energy Agency. Several interesting areas for collaborations  were proposed by the country representatives.

Now, a collaboration site will be established where suggestions will be published and discussed. Based on the outcome of these discussions, a new Subtask might be proposed.

Please contact Per-Åke Franck at the IETS Secretariat for more information or participation.

Information about previous activities in Annex/Task XIV is posted at the IETS website.