Topic sheet: Membrane Processes in Biorefineries

Topic sheet no 5, January 2019 

The global society has started a journey from using fossil-based raw material to the utilisation of climate-smart sustainable raw materials. In particular, biomaterials such as e.g. algae and cellulose-based feedstock have been identified as an abundant and renewable resource which can be used for production of fuel, platform chemicals and value-added materials within the concept of biorefineries. One of the critical success factors for biorefineries is the energy and cost efficient purification and concentration of the biomass components on an industrial scale.

Membrane processes have been identified as high selective energy-saving processes and as such they have been anticipated to become key components in future biorefineries.

This topic sheet is based on the final report from Annex XVII, “Membrane filtration for energy-efficient separation of lignocellulosic biomass components”. Annex XI has been granted a continuation and will continue with new Tasks, see information about Annex XVII – Membrane Processes in Biorefineries.