National Support Groups

The visibility of the IETS TCP is also important in the member countries to enhance the cooperative aspect internally. As a TCP covering all kinds of industrial activities, implementing National Support Groups (NSGs) on the ExCo level provides delegates with a broader platform for discussions and dissemination nationally. In general, the idea with an NSG is its evaluating and advising function when it comes to assisting the country’s ExCo representative in responding to inquiries of different character from the IETS Chair, Secretariat and the ExCo. The NSG network is also important for the future work of the IETS TCP as it can enhance and spread the knowledge about the TCP in relevant contexts in the IETS member countries and thus contribute to the concrete as well as overall strategic development of the IETS TCP.

The Role of the National Support Groups

  • Knowledge dissemination about IETS work to industry, researchers, institutes, etc nationally
  • Improving national networking in IETS areas
  • Reviewing suggestions for new Tasks in IEA
  • Suggest new Tasks of national interest
  • Contributing to the strategic development of IETS
  • The aims with an NSG can be achieved in different ways and, hence, NSG’s can be constructed in different ways