Each IEA Technology Collaboration Programme is organised under the auspices of an Implementing Agreement which is most commonly used to describe the legal text of a TCP. The legal text includes key provisions regarding the purpose, management and implementation of the TCP. The IEA provides the framework for collaboration through TCPs, which is known as the IEA Framework for International Technology Co-operation.

The activities of each TCP are overseen by an Executive Committee (ExCo) comprised of representatives designated by each participant. The ExCo takes decisions on the management, participation and implementation aspects of the TCP.

The following documents describes the legal aspects of the work of and participation in the IETS TCP*):

IEA Framework for International Energy Technology Co-operation

IETS TCP legal text (updated in 2021)

IEA Handbook

Membership information, including the following model letters:

  • Letter of Invitation – Contracting Party or Sponsor
  • Letter of Acceptance – Government
  • Letter of Acceptance – Designated Entity
  • Letter of Acceptance – Sponsor
  • Letter of Withdrawal from TCP or from Individual Annex/Task
  • Letter from Government Changing Contracting Party
  • Letter Changing Representatives to Executive Committee

For more information about the IEA Technology Collaboration Programmes, please visit the IEA website.

*) Technology Collaboration Programmes, TCPs, were initially called Implementing Agreements, IAs, hence the reference to IAs in some documentation. The legal name of the IETS TCP is still “The IEA Implementing Agreement on Energy-related Technologies and Systems”.