Electrification in Industry



Start date 2019-01-01

End date 2019-12-31

Recent developments

The planning and preparations for this  Annex have been on-going since 2017 and the final scope and organization will be finalized during 2019.

Objectives of the Annex

To stimulate the development and optimal use of industrial electrification through:

  • international network and information infrastructure for key stakeholders to exchange and disseminate knowledge in the area of industrial electrification including the relevant system aspects,
  • increasing the understanding of conditions, drivers and policies for optimal industrial implementation,
  • facilitate joint development of new knowledge and expertise on industrial electrification, and
  • support and accelerate the deployment of electrification practices in the process industry.

Activities during 2019 – start-up phase

  • Establish a Steering Committee – finalize scoping of attention areas and formalization, activate working areas
  • Start a centralized action – collection and analysis of National Roadmaps under Climate Agreement
  • Start two tasks – Power to Heat and Power to Hydrogen

Contact information

If you have questions about the Annex and/or wish to participate, please contact Annex Manager Andreas ten Cate, ISPT, the Netherlands.