Electrification in Industry



Start date 2019-01-01

End date 2020-05-31

Recent developments

The planning and preparations for thisĀ  Annex have been ongoing since 2017 and the final scope and organization will be finalized during 2019.

Objectives of the Annex

The objectives of Task 1 are:

  • to enhance international collaboration in the field of industrial electrification, and to set up and sustain a platform within IEA for sharing experiences and findings in R&D projects in the long term.
  • to improve the awareness of the topic of industrial electrification in participating and other IETS countries in course of identifying partners in participating and other IETS countries.
  • to identify and clarify areas of joint interest for further cooperation, in order to focus the subtasks and contents of a subsequent Task 2 and help to define annex and task leadership within that Task 2.
  • to elaborate a basic overview on ongoing activities, roadmaps, and areas of common interest.

Activities during 2019 – start-up phase

  • Webinar to create an overview of ongoing major activities and available roadmaps.
  • Webinar to identify the framework for international cooperation, including possible connections to other TCPs.
  • Workshop to identify possible contributions from all groups, to specify possible coop-eration/ networking in each subtask and to agree on details for further work in Task 2.

The work plan is open to changes by the Annex Manager, when appointed, depending on practical and planning issues.

Contact information

Annex Manager: TBD