Annex XV finalized – and preparing a continuation

Annex 15 –  Industrial Excess Heat Recovery finished in December 2021. The participants are currently working at full speed on the final report, which will finally be submitted to the ExCo IETS in January 2022.

“What we have noticed is that there are still a lot of open questions that could not be answered within the framework of the present subtasks, but that new questions have arisen. This has led to new topics that now need to be focused on in a meeting in January 2022”, says Annex Manager Rene Hofmann. “Possibly, this will result in a work program for a further Annex 15.”

The challenge in the present Annex 15 is, according to Rene Hofmann, the broadness of the topic and the many institutions working on it. Nine countries are represented and threr are over 30 projects. This shows the importance of the topic, which is highly relevant and still shows a lot of potential for optimization.

“Personally, I would like to see that Annex 15 in the further phase meets these new challenges and spans a cross-sectional topic across the IETS TCP that focuses on industrial excess heat”, concludes the Annex Manager.

If a proposal for continuation is presented to the IETS ExCo and approved, also this “Annex” will be called “Task” according to the terminology stated in the recently updated Legal Text for the IETS TCP. The workstream(s) included in the new phase will be called “Subtasks”.