Now available: Proceedings from the Conference

Download the Conference Proceedings – Energy Future in Industry 2023

The IETS conference brought together 109 experts and included 43 oral presentations and displayed 10 posters. These presentations, with the outcomes of the discussions held in the conference, have given new and important insights in the ongoing development and possible roles of energy-related technologies and systems in industry. The proceedings not only present the relevant information exchanged but it is also a unique compilation of opportunities for the technologies and systems, which were included in the different sessions.

The following parts are included in the proceedings:

  • Introduction – with background and aims
  • The programme
  • Summary, conclusions and findings from each session with links to the presentations
  • Abstracts for the poster presentations
  • General conclusions
  • Suggestions for further work
  • An Executive Summary

Sessions at the Energy Future in Industry conference:

  • GHG Mitigation in Process Industry, General Overview
  • Roadmaps in Industry – Experiences
  • Biochemical Processes – Membrane Separation
  • Digitalization and AI in Industry
  • Industrial Biorefineries
  • Industrial Excess Heat Utilization
  • Industrial Electrification (including Indirectly with Hydrogen)
  • Carbon Circularity and Industrial Symbiosis
  • Industrial CCUS Technologies and Systems
  • Process Integration in Industrial Systems
  • System Perspectives

More from the conference:

Link to ppt presentations

Link to poster presentations

Link to the IETS TCP YouTube channel