Valuable collaboration with the French NSG

Being such a broad TCP, the IETS TCP seeks advice from stakeholders representing industry and research organizations in the member countries. These stakehoders are typically organized in so called National Support Groups, or NSGs.

On 6th July, representatives from the IETS TCP visited the French NSG which consists of  Alliance ALLICE, supported by, e.g., the French IETS TCP member ADEME, at their networking event in Paris. The aim was to ask for input to the preparation work for three new activities and introduce IETS work to the NSG.

After a warm welcome from Lucille Payet, information about the IETS TCP was delivered by French ExCo member Antoine Deswaziere from ADEME and IETS TCP Chair Thore Berntsson. Divided into three groups, the participants got the opportunity to discuss future IETS activities, namely:

  • New Subtask in Task XV – Industrial Excess Heat Recovery – moderator Lukas Kasper, TUWien
  • A Proposed Task on Process Integration in Industrial Systems – moderator François Maréchal, EPFL
  • A proposed Task on Barriers and Drivers for the Transformation on Industrial Energy Systems – moderator IETS Chair Thore Berntsson

Valuable input was received concerning all three activities and also possible interest to participate.

Images above: Lucille Payet, Coordinator of collaborative projects at ALLICE, Antoine Deswaziere, ADEME, workshop on a new Subtask in Task XVI – Industrial Excess Heat Recovery led by Lukas Kasper, TUWien, workshop on a new Task on Barriers and Drivers, led by IETS Chair Thore Berntsson and François Maréchal, EPFL, outlining a new Task on Process Integration. Networking lunch and drinks were served in the garden.

About the IETS National Support Groups (NSGs)

The visibility of the IETS TCP is also important in the member countries to enhance the cooperative aspect internally. As a TCP covering all kinds of industrial activities, implementing National Support Groups (NSGs) on the ExCo level provides delegates with a broader platform for discussions and dissemination nationally. In general, the idea with an NSG is its evaluating and advising function when it comes to assisting the country’s ExCo representative in responding to inquiries of different character from the IETS Chair, Secretariat and the ExCo. The NSG network is also important for the future work of the IETS TCP as it can enhance and spread the knowledge about the TCP in relevant contexts in the IETS member countries and thus contribute to the concrete as well as overall strategic development of the IETS TCP.

In October 2021, the first online meeting gathering representatives from all IETS National Support Groups was held. The second one was held in March 2023 and the plan is to have one online meeting a year.