Transforming industrial processes through digitalisation

Today in the Lab – Tomorrow in Energy? is an IEA initiative designed to shine a spotlight on research projects under development in the Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs). One of the projects in the report is the Smart Industrial Concept (SIC!), an Austrian project within IETS Annex XVIII – Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Energy Efficiency and GHG Emissions Reduction in Industry.

SIC! focuses on holistic approaches to the digitalisation of industrial processes. A complex energy systems model is being scientifically developed and tested that will provide the basis for targeted implementation in all industrial production systems and energy-supplying environments.

SIC! is an interdisciplinary doctoral school with a strong industry focus that include eight PhD students from six faculties and centres. The team began work in 2018, focusing on the key topics of information models, knowledge bases and component model development. SIC! enables the coupling of energy efficiency and process flexibility with digitalization in the industrial environment. The team is working with five industrial companies on methods of data-driven modelling, mathematical optimisation, energy markets, controller development, process analysis and process integration.

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Holistic approach of the Smart Industrial Concept! Source: TU Wien